Name Hitsuuchi
Kanji 非通知くん
Romaji Ryouji Yoshii
Aliases Hitsuuchi
Gender Male Male
First Appearance
Anime Episode 4
Actor Nishiyama, Koutarou
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Hitsūchikun (非通知くん Hitsūchikun)
A weak, sickly boy who has mysophobia, so he can't eat any food. Although to compensate for his disease, his ability allows him to convert 'information' into nutrient which allows him to survive. He can accidentally kill people if his ability drains a target's information beyond their limit(like happened with Mirai Minami). To keep this ability in check, the Administration Bureau arranged for him a set up so he can work as informant, and collect information in way that is safer for other human. When called, he will fake a destination number not found announcement and have to be called continuously until he finally answer. Hitsuuchi is his nickname, referring to the message when phone call failed to connect (such as destination number not found).

Appearance Edit

Pale skin, slim body. Has Grey hair.

Personality Edit

Pleasant and calm. He was regretting killing Mirai Minami when he sucked too much information from her, but he didn't seem to show much remorse physically.

History Edit

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