Misora Haruki
Name Misora Haruki
Kanji 春埼美空(はるき みそら)
Gender Female Female
Ability Reset
Affiliation The Service Club
The Bureau
First Appearance
Anime Episode 1
Manga Chapter 1
Actor Hanazawa, Kana
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Misora Haruki (春埼 美空 Haruki Misora)

One of the main characters. She possesses the ability to 'reset' the town of Sakurada for a maximum of three days.

Ability Edit

She must first 'save' trigger at a specific time, after which, when she uses her 'reset' trigger, the town of Sakurada will return to the saved time. Her ability is not going back in time, but a literal reset; everything is reverted to its original state when the save was made. As a result, her own memories of the time between a 'save' and a 'reset' are also gone. This made her ability useless because she herself has no idea what she wants to change before committing a 'reset', and everything will just repeat as happened before. The only person who can remember the events before the Reset is Kei.


  • A 'reset' trigger can be done once per 'save'.
  • Following a 'reset', a 'save' can only be done after 24 hours.
  • Youka can protect herself from the effect of the 'reset' by using her own ability.
  • Stray Cat House Man's ability records all reset loops, which technically makes it immune to the 'reset' ability.
  • As all ability users, Misora needs to remember how to use her own ability in order to use it.

Personality Edit

In the beginning of the show Misora is very unemotional, the cause for this is unclear. As the show progresses Misora starts to examine her own emotions and becomes more "human" with time.

Trivia Edit

  • Haruki likes the color red

Notes Edit

  • There are a lot things that are not explained about Misora, including:
    • Her past
    • How she knows her ability. It can be assumed that she know the effect of her ability as ability users can't use abilities without know how they work.
    • Even though we see her mother in one of the episodes, her family never get involved in anything she does.
    • How it is logical to bring ice cream to a person who has a common cold.
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