Nearly half the population of Sakurada, a small town near the Pacific Ocean, has some sort of unique power. These powers range from being able to enter the mind of a cat, to resetting the world back to a certain point in time in the past. There is a group known as the "Kanrikyoku" that controls and monitors the use of these powers. Asai Kei and Haruki Misora work for their school's club called "Houshi" club, which execute any missions received from the Kanrikyoku. Misora has the ability to reset the world back 3 days. This means that all events and any memory of the past 3 days that "could have" happened, never happened. Kei has the ability to "remember" the past. Even after Misora uses her powers to reset the world back 3 days, Kei will retain those 3 days in his memory. Combining their powers, these two solve missions issued by the Kanrikyoku.

Anime Series Edit

The anime adaptation of the light novel series is directed by Shin'ya Kawatsura, with series compostion and script by Katsuhiko Takayama, character designs by Tomoyuki Shitaya and David Production is the charge of the animation. It premiered on April 5, 2017.

Manga Edit

A manga adaptation by Masahiko Yoshihara began serializing in the February 2011 issue of Kadokawa's shōnen manga magazine Monthly Shōnen Ace in December 2010. The series was compiled into two volumes, both published on November 22, 2011. A second manga is scheduled to accompany the anime and live-action films, Tatsu Nohana is drawing the manga, while Yutaka Kōno himself is supervising the manga and writing the script.

Novel Edit

The light novel series is written by Yutaka Kono and illustrated by You Shiina. The series was published by Kadokawa Shoten under the imprint Sneaker Bunko, started on May 30, 2009, the seventh and final volume was released on March 31, 2012. A reprint of novels was announced at the same time as the anime and the live-action films, the first reprinted volume was released on September 24, 2016 and further volumes were reprinted on monthly schedule.

Series Name Edit

There was a confusion raised due to the English naming of the series. The Japanese name サクラダリセット (Sakuradarisetto) was changed to "Sagrada Reset" in the English version. While "Sakurada" is the name of the town where the anime takes place, the logo of the anime says "Sagrada Reset".

the word "Sagrada" comes from Spanish and mean "Sacred", which makes a word play from Sakurada(the town name) to a "sacred reset".