Tomoki Nakano
Name Tomoki Nakano
Kanji 浅井(あさい)中野智樹(なかの ともき)
Gender Male Male
Ability Sends Mental Messages to people at specified times
First Appearance
Anime Episode 1
Actor Eguchi, Takuya
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Tomoki Nakano (中野 智樹 Nakano Tomoki)

A rock and roll singer who plays guitar and Kei's close friend. His ability is to send a voice he heard to a specific person, unbound by time and space and arriving exactly at the date and time intended. This ability transcends a Reset phenomena so even if a Reset is performed, the message would still be sent to the recipient at the specified time and date.

Notes Edit

  • Despite appearing a lot in the show, Tomoki's character isn't developed much and mostly used as a plot tool.
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