Yousuke Sakagami
Name Yousuke Sakagami
Kanji 坂上 央介
Gender Male Male
First Appearance
Anime Episode 1
Actor Iguchi, Yuuichi
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Yōsuke Sakagami (坂上 央介 Sakagami Yōsuke)

Kei's upperclassman with the power to copy abilities. He can Copy ability by touching two people; the owner of the ability and the recipient. When he transfer someone's abilities, he is acting as the 'bridge' between the two people. For example, he can initiate a Copy on Kei and 'transfer' it to Haruki while he's touches both. However, the copied abilities would be gone as soon as he's out of proximity of his targets. He fears the Bureau and what they can do.

Appearance Edit

Brown bowl-like hear, grey eyes with square glasses.

Most of the time he looks alert and somewhat shy.

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